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Digital Pivoting In The Age of COVID

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Traditional business models are always challenged, but nothing close to the scale we’ve seen in the last several months.  At 5P, we have always been about accelerating a company’s Digital Transformation through the vast experience we have across our team and clients. Let’s take a look at a short case study to highlight the importance of transformation in today’s climate. 

SENTÉ, Inc. is a leader in high-end skincare products. They have had a sales and distribution process in place that was very effective at optimizing market exposure, getting products on shelves, and driving sales through their physician dispensed sales channels. 

On March 18th, 2020, Governor Newsom announced that a quarantine would be put in place. Throughout the country, similar announcements were made, and just like that we were all working from home, not attending social events, and avoiding non-essential locations to buy products. Immediately, we are all thrust into a new world and for many, completely uncharted territory on the impact on our businesses. 


“5P’s expertise in system architecture, Cloud platforms, and data integration was critical in the success of our business.”